Nitrite 80

รหัสสินค้า : 89JON-NITRITE80-100

Nitrite 80


Graduation : 0 - 2 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 40 - 80 mg/L

Presentation : 100 strips/p

J-QUANT® test strips


Fast, simple and reliable results

J-QUANT® test strips are actually a high-tech product, each one being a laboratory in your pocket allowing you to take them wherever you go.

J-QUANT test strips are ideal for the semi-quantitative determination of ions and compounds.

As a screening tool, they allow the user to carry out a quick test on the

contents of their sample saving many time-consuming and cost-intensive analytical procedures. Being manufactured for environmentally friendly plastics and low reagent contents, the test strips are easy and safe to dispose of.

Advantages of J-QUANT® test strips

• Fast and easy results

• Easy to handle for on the spot results

• Wide range of tests

• Ideal for an indication - saving time and cost

Shelf life and storage

When stored cool and dry, the test strips can be used up to their expiry date printed onthe pack. The vial must be closed immediately after the removal of each strip to ensure they remain protected.

Quality Assurance

Johnson Test Papers calibrate and test all of its tests using certified standard solutions.These standard solutions can be traced back directly to primary reference materials originating from NIST. This helps us maintain consistently high quality products.


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