pH indicator strips and papers

Effortless pH determination
Measuring pH without the use of any instruments, it is easy to use Johnson Test Papers pH indicator strips and papers.

The pH tests are suitable for environmental analysis, industrial in-process controls and within the education setting.

Advantages of Johnson Test Papers pH tests
• Intense colour development
• Precise results because of our differentiated colour graduations
• Quick on the spot results
• Calibration and quality assurance by NIST certified pH buffer solutions

pH Indicator Papers
Our pH papers are manufactured using high quality papers which are impregnated withmixed indicator solutions, dried and then cut to size. In general our pH papers are supplied in rolls or books which are both convenient but also protect against external effects such
as moisture, light and ambient gases, resulting in a prolonged shelf life.

pH Indicator Strips - non-bleeding
Our pH Indicator Strips and manufactured with special indicator dyes which are bound to the reagent paper. This special method of manufacturing gives certain advantages over the pH Indicator Papers; the indicators do not bleed and the indicator strips can be left in solution for a prolonged time without contaminating the test solution.

Shelf life and storage
Our indicator papers and strips can be stored for 3 years at room temperature, protected from light in a dry atmosphere. For bets results, the package should be closed immediately after removing each strip or paper.

Quality Assurance
Johnson Test Papers calibrate and test all of its pH products using certified pH buffer solutions. These buffer solutions can be traced back directly to primary reference materials originating from NIST. This helps us maintain a consistently high quality of our products.

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